Welcome to Sugarbomb! We are Ann and Caitlin (aka Hoser and Dusty) and we are super proud to be growing our small Toronto screen printing business. We started out making armbands for our roller derby teams out of Caitlin's kitchen with just a vinyl cutter and a heat press. Sugarbomb has now become so much more since then! It's still just the two of us, but now we work out of our awesome studio in the Junction area and have added lots more to our arsenal including a 6 color screen printing machine.

We sincerely love what we do. Our job is always fun and exciting since we get to make unique garments for all kinds of people. We've printed for bands, artists, gyms, sports teams, coffee shops, restaurants, you name it! We specialize in smaller orders and super fast turnaround times. Have a custom design you need printed asap? Drop us a line and we'll get it done for you!

Some Helpful Videos...

Screen Printing

New to screen printing? Want to know a little more about how it's done? Check out this video to find out!

Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is heat transfer vinyl anyway? How is it applied to the fabric? We demonstrate the process in this video.

Stickers & Decals

Want to understand the difference between stickers and decals or how to apply them? Watch this video.